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Upcoming Readings



by Josh C. Manheimer
Directed by Kim T. Sharp
Monday, October 6, 7pm

A Midwest cooking instructor tracks down her ambitious, Nobel-seeking fiancee in the jungle of Papua, New Guinea only to discover that he has married a 13-year-old cannibal in order to learn why the tribe is dying of a mysterious slow degenerative virus called KURU.   Sparks fly when she is courted by the Chief wearing only a penis gourd.   It's "The Big Bang Theory" in a jungle hut on stilts.


by Philip Gerson
Directed by Margaret Perry
Thursday, October 9, 2pm

A renowned primate researcher is taken hostage by a crazed animal-rights activist, who is determined to liberate the researcher's famous signing chimpanzee. The chimp herself has a shocking reaction, mayhem leads to murder and to an evolutionary leap that even Darwin couldn't have imagined. Who's the murderer? Who's the victim? Is humanity evolving or devolving? APESHIT is a comic thriller of jungle instincts and cutting-edge science.

Black Butterflies

by Marylou DiPietro
Directed by William Ryall
Monday, October 27, 7pm

The story of Rose Williams, the enigmatic, older sister to Tennessee Williams. Rose is the ideal playmate for her shy, sickly brother. Everything changes when the family moves to St. Louis. As Rose and Tom cope with their parents and their emerging sexual identities, their relationship crumbles. Tom escapes while Rose remains imprisoned behind a wall of silence. BLACK BUTTERFLIES depicts the love and betrayal between a sister and brother.

Lardo - A Love Story

by Sydney Blake
Directed by Jan Buttram
Monday, November 10, 7pm

LARDO—A Love Story, a romantic comedy about comedy and romance, takes place in the writers’ room of a top-ten TV sitcom called LARDO, starring the stand-up comic, Lardo—a horrible human being. The head writer, an English playwright burnt out from running the show, hires an enchanting, inexperienced female writer. The show almost ends; the wrong people almost get together; and love almost loses out. Almost.

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For access to the theatres, take the REAR elevator to the 1st Floor, or use the 2nd set of glass doors (closer to 9th Avenue) and walk up one flight of stairs. There is no access to the theatres from the front elevator. The rear elevator opens 1 hour prior to curtain.




   Manifest Destiny

   by Vladimir Zelevinsky
   Lori Gardner, Paul Kelly (l. to r.)
   (Photo by Kim T. Sharp)

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