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Upcoming Readings


Sextet for Lovers

By Robert Moultrop
Thursday, June 26, 2pm
SEXTET FOR LOVERS is a comedy-drama about sexual identity, lust, love, friendship & the areas in between. Bruce and Jennifer are married, but each is having an affair. So are Faye and Larry. Patrick, Faye’s best friend, has been with Tim for almost seven years, and that relationship seems to be fraying at the edges. Stir, mix, question, parry, thrust. And then there’s a dinner party.

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Time and Chance

By Mark Medoff
Monday, May 19, 7:30pm
The playwright of award-winning scripts including, Children of a Lesser God and When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?, brings his latest script to our stage.

TIME AND CHANCE happen to us all. Four women -- a recovering alcoholic, world famous painter; her dying partner, a former art critic, now gallery owner; an abandoned teenager with a gift for prevarication and drawing; and a young music professor who finds her mother’s diary from the concentration camp, Theriesenstadt -- are thrown together during Thanksgiving week. From the fear, vitriol, humor, and, ultimately, love and mercy, come the redemptive power of family.


By Nancy Parker
Monday, June 9, 7:30pm
Marty Tinker’s dad is a constant in her life. Whether Marty and Stan are eating together, or shouting and laughing together, they know how to survive it all. But when Marty finds love at 58, she and her father must survive the painful accusations that come up about their family – all on a road trip to see one of Oprah’s last shows….STINKER…It’s a simple meeting of the hearts

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For access to the theatres, take the REAR elevator to the 1st Floor, or use the 2nd set of glass doors (closer to 9th Avenue) and walk up one flight of stairs. There is no access to the theatres from the front elevator. The rear elevator opens 1 hour prior to curtain.




   Manifest Destiny

   by Vladimir Zelevinsky
   Lori Gardner, Paul Kelly (l. to r.)
   (Photo by Kim T. Sharp)

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