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Upcoming Readings


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March 10, 2pm - Note special day and time
Play Date
by John Morogiello
Directed by Jackob G. Hofmann
It’s the parents who are naughty in this hilarious mix of winning and losing friendships, adultery, politics and scheming to get one up on their neighbors while in a the midst of their children’s play date. By the author of ENGAGING SHAW and BLAME IT ON BECKETT.

March 16, 7:30pm
The Fallen: A Western
by Rita Lewis
Directed by Kim T. Sharp
1870: Accused murderer Joseph, abandons home and daughter to make camp on a desolate prairie to atone for his sins. Shattering his peace is Lily, a runaway teenager. Their short time together is ripe with conflict, loss, and fear, changing both of their futures forever.

March 30, 7:30pm
This Is Where I Am Now
by Jeff Tabnick
Directed by Kirsten Sanderson
A pregnant woman appears at Matt Appel’s door with seemingly incontrovertible proof that the baby she’s carrying is his. Not only has Matt never seen her before, but he’s married with a two-year old. As Matt unravels the mystery, his own simmering issues with fatherhood come to a boil. 80 minutes, comedy.

April 27, 7:30pm
Qualities of Starlight
by Gabriel Dean
Directed by Sean Daniels
Theo Turner is a young astrophysicist on the verge. But Theo’s “big bang” isn’t theoretical. When he and his wife travel to his hometown in rural Georgia to deliver news about an impending adoption, Theo’s aging parents deliver some unsettling news that truly rocks everyone's world. A comedy about the frailty of faith, the unspoken bonds of family, and the mysterious expansion of the universe

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For access to the theatres, take the REAR elevator to the 1st Floor, or use the 2nd set of glass doors (closer to 9th Avenue) and walk up one flight of stairs. There is no access to the theatres from the front elevator. The rear elevator opens 1 hour prior to curtain.




   FIX ME, JESUS                                  2013
   by Helen Sneed
   Directed by Sam Pinkleton
   Photo by Kim T. Sharp

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