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Sunday Series

The Sunday Series is a great way to see the latest musicians, singers, poets, and cabaret acts in New York City. Scheduled throughout the year, these shows highlight the best work from new and established performers.

Sunday, May 31 at 7:00pm
Written and Performed by Nancy Redman
Directed by Austin Pendleton
Tickets: $20

Nancy Redman Received Best Comedian Award, United Solo 2014

Award-winning actress and comedian Nancy Redman stars in THE DOCTOR IS NOT IN, her sci-fi comedy exploring the hypocrisy of Hippocrates, directed by Austin Pendleton.

 What the Critics Say About THE DOCTOR IS NOT IN:

"Nancy is an expert performer, blessed with what feels like perfect timing.  Her director is the esteemed Austin Pendleton. Together they've made lightning strike not just once but twice before in United Solo, with the shows CLUTTER: I'M SAVING MY LIFE AND IT'S KILLING ME and EMERGENCY A LA CARTE; with THE DOCTOR IS NOT IN, they go for the three-peat and triumph." —Martin Denton, nytheaternow.

"She delivers her hilarious perspective on the inhumanity of the medical profession and throws in an alien takeover just to keep it wild and wacky... Her timing is so perfect and her delivery so succinct that you quickly forget that she is on stage. Suddenly you and Nancy are best friends and she is sharing a ridiculous story guaranteed to keep you laughing from beginning to end.  Nancy Redman never disappoints." —Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link

Click HERE for tickets. Or call 866-811-4111.


Interested in your own Sunday Series? Contact 
David Flora, Sunday Series Coordinator.


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