A lot can happen in one night! That’s the motto of Abingdon’s One Night Only Series, a series which strives to createa once in a lifetime theatrical experience.Each event is a chance for us to orchestratethe magic that happens when Artists cometogether to create.Voices young and old unique and neverrepeated, a chance to revisit classics andhear a new voice for the first time.

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Directed by Jessi D. Hill

Where does a bullied 12 year-old who’s all of 4’6” and 70 lbs go to find a place where he can be strong, powerful, respected?  On the back of a thoroughbred racehorse, where being small is of the highest value. But when that SMALL kid begins to grow, what lengths will he go to stay on the track?

Robert Montano shares a wild autobiographical ride about the wears of childhood, family, and the misunderstood life of being a jockey. Nearly ravaged by addiction in order to stay “SMALL,” Montano ignites complex and universal themes of struggle and sacrifice to pursue a passionate dream. A Rocky story of the racetrack, SMALL is about a boy transforming into a man by following his heart.

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Date Of A Lifetime

In the pressurized few minutes of a speed date, two singles suggest to each other what they think their entire lives would be like if they allowed their brief tête-à-tête to go beyond the “switch partners” bell. Competing comical and fraught visions of the future leave them wondering if the person they have just met is the Date from Hell or the Date of a Lifetime.

Book and lyrics by Carl Kissin, Music by Robert Baumgartner, Jr.

February 17th 2020


Just For Us 

Just For Us was featured at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal
garnered a Barry Award nomination at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and earned the best reviews of any show in Edinburgh –
where it won a prestigious Herald Angel Award and notched
an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination.

January 15th 2020